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About the company,

Fibroblast helps solve three big, interrelated problems in US health care. Margins are shrinking, patients are looking for more convenient access to health care and although it is proven that preventative care reduces cost, compliance is still low.

Fibroblast solves these problems by providing patients with the ability to self-schedule appointments, anytime and anywhere, using a cloud-based calendar; by automating appointment notifications; by providing analytics tools for providers to optimize their practices; and by creating a network of interconnected providers to seamlessly refer patients. All parties in health care win: providers’ margins widen because of increased patient flow and efficiencies; patient are more satisfied, empowered, and engaged in their own care; and payors win because engaged patients are more responsible patients, who are more likely to seek out cost-effective preventative care. Fibroblast is software-as-a-service, providers pay a monthly subscription for our practice management tools

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