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What are the requirements to apply?

We’re looking for great ideas and awesome teams. In order to participate, you’ll need to be in Chicago for the summer and full-time on your business, and that’s it.

How far along do we need to be before we can apply?

We accept applications from companies at various stages: some will simply have a new idea while others will have a company that is already generating revenue and are looking to grow.

Do I have to be in Chicago to participate?

We accept application from all over the globe. To participate in the program, however, you need to come and be a part of our community. We ask all companies to spend June, July, and August with us in our offices in Chicago. Most of our founders use some portion of the investment funds to pay for living expenses.

Do I have to stay in Chicago after the program?

Nope. We’re not backed by any government funds, so you can go wherever you think your company will thrive.

What level of commitment do you expect from entrepreneurs?

100%. We’re looking for teams where the founders are committed full-time to growing their businesses. If you’re currently part-time, then acceptance into Excelerate should be just the encouragement you need to jump into it full strength.

Do you accept single founders?

Yes, but it’s really hard. Excelerate’s program is an intensive summer filled with mentorship, company building, and investor pitching. To get the most out of the experience, and to maximize your success, you really need a team.

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