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Our Plan

Our Goal Is Simple

Bring Together Investors and the Very Best Companies to Help Them Reach The Next Level.


We highlight great companies and give them a platform to showcase their idea. The companies that are selected will be able to pitch their idea to the industries top investors and mentors.


Mentorship is one of our top priorities. It is so important that we found some of the top mentors in the industry. We also found some great entrepreneurs that we’ll be showcasing like Chuck Templeton (Opentable), Brad Keywell (Groupon, Lightbank), Jeff Hoffman (Priceline), Mike Evans (Grubhub), Tim Krauskopf (Spyglass), and Zach Kaplan (Inventables), as well as venture and angel investors like Nick Rosa (Sandbox Industries), Adam Koopersmith (New World Ventures), Lon Chow (Apex Venture Partners), Jim Dugan (OCA Ventures), Blair Garrou (DFJ Mercury), Ron Conway (SV Angel), Brad Feld (Foundry Group), David Cohen (TechStars, Bullet Time) and Kevin Efrusy (Accel Capital Partners).


Our friends are standing by to help our companies find customers, attract users, or meet investors. If accepted, you’ll get access to them as well.


Our goal is to get investors to invest $25,000 in each company in exchange for 6% common stock. Investor shares look just like yours, and you should think of us them as your newest co-founder. Investors help you for life, not just for the summer.


We’ll keep up to date data and performance of each company that receives investments.

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