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Excelerate Labs selects 10 promising technology startups

The companies will receive $25,000 each Melissa Harris CHICAGO CONFIDENTIAL April 28, 2011 It often takes Troy Henikoff and Brian Luerssen of Excelerate Labs less than a minute to toss a pitch into the “obvious no” pile. There was the dry-cleaner that applied to the incubator, which runs an annual…

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Excelerate 2010 Startup EduLender Secures $1M in Venture and Angel Funding

We’ve all heard of Hipmunk, the Silicon Valley flight-search startup that helps travelers book the very best flights and rates. Excelerate startup EduLender applies the same winning formula to the student financial aid industry. EduLender tracks hundreds of loan providers (both state and federal) and updates rates and recommendations daily,…

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FeeFighters in the news

Another nice shout out for FeeFighters, and Excelerate 2010 company, from as they highlight the momentum that is building in Chicago for tech companies and how were are outpacing the rest of the country, increasing investments by 80% last year compared to the US growth of just 6%!

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The Thank You Economy – By Gary V.

I am POSITIVE that everyone who was at the Excelerate’s Demo Day last year will remember Gary V’s keynote speech – The first words out of his mouth were: “I believe that ‘Giving a F**k’ is coming on strong!” It was an awesome talk about how the companies that care…

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Local VC’s see fresh opportunities

Great interview with New World Ventures in Crain’s talking about the Chicago investing landscape with the nice shout out to Excelerate!

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GiveForward – an Excelerate 2010 company

Excelerate has changed the game for another Chicago startup!  GiveForward, founded by Desiree Vargas Wrigley and Ethan Austin (and part of Excelerate’s 2010 program), leverages a social networking platform to help people raise money for out-of-pocket medical expenses.  Despite facing opposition from investors back in 2008 when the company was…

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We’re (finally) announcing our companies!
Come meet the excelerate team friday at 5:30

content coming soon

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We Want YOU to apply to Excelerate Now!

Technori did a nice piece on Troy Henikoff, our co-founder and CEO for 2011. It is fun to read about his background and get a feel for why he got involved in starting Excelerate in the first place. Go read it, but more importantly, go fill out your application for…

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