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Top Automotive Startups You Need to Watch

Top Automotive Startups You Need to Watch

The automotive industry has been massively disrupted by startups using new technologies such as electric cars and autonomous vehicles. The leaders driving these changes are pushed by a desire for sustainable development and innovative solutions. Their startup companies are also very small and nimble as compared to established companies. This is why they can afford to innovate and do things non-traditionally.

There is therefore bound to be more disruptions as more startups find solutions to the problems facing the automotive industry. This is a very interesting sector to follow and invest in. Read on for the most innovative startups in the automotive industry that you need to watch in 2020.

1. GhostWave

GhostWave is a company that manufactures sensitive radar sensors used in autonomous vehicles. What makes their radars different is that they are not as affected by atmospheric interference as other sensors. GhostWave radars make it harder for autonomous vehicles to cause collisions as they can more easily detect obstacles on the road.

Top Automotive Startups You Need to Watch
Top Automotive Startups You Need to Watch

2. Neteera

This is another company that is working on developing accurate sensors for autonomous vehicles. Neteera sensors combine both the advantages of radar technology and lidar technology in one device. Consequently, their sensors are able to detect movement through non-transparent as well as non-conductive materials using sub-Terahertz frequencies. The healthcare and security sectors also find Neteera’s innovations useful.

3. Nuro

Nuro is a new player in the automotive industry. They have come up with a new vehicle that is specifically used to deliver goods. Their prototype, called R1, has no space for passengers to sit and is exclusively an autonomous delivery vehicle. Nuro’s out of the box thinking in designing a vehicle could spark a wave of well designed, specialized vehicles.

4. EV Safe Charge

Electric vehicles are another type of innovation that has swept the automotive industry. EV Safe Charge is a company that focusses on increasing the number of people using electric vehicles. They develop infrastructure that makes it easy to charge electric vehicles, such as installing charging stations at homes as well as in many public areas.

Top Automotive Startups You Need to Watch
Top Automotive Startups You Need to Watch

5. Cognata

Cognata is a company that creates virtual training environments for autonomous cars. The company creates virtual cities that mimic actual conditions using detailed mapping and deep learning. Manufacturers of autonomous vehicles can, therefore, save a lot of money by testing vehicle software and prototypes before manufacturing the actual vehicles.

6. Mighty Al

Mightly Al also produces software for autonomous vehicles. The company specializes in producing the data and infrastructure that goes into creating the self-drive platforms required to manufacture autonomous vehicles. Their aim is to make it easy for any company to venture into the autonomous vehicle industry.

7. WayRay

WayRay aims to make the driving experience pleasant for both drivers and passengers. They do this by enhancing the visual experience through projecting advanced digital images of environments onto their real counterparts. This gives drivers real-time as well as visual navigation of the cities they are driving through. The software also highlights important environmental landmarks and any notable changes to the area.


These are just a few of the innovative startups that are changing the software industry. For more information on startups such as the top tech startups in phoenix or top healthcare startups in San Francisco, read the rest of our blog.

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