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Top Healthcare Startups in San Francisco

Top Healthcare Startups in San Francisco

Many people automatically think of Silicon Valley when you mention the word startup. The advanced infrastructure, engineering culture and prevalence of talented individuals make the area a solid location to launch a startup business. Additionally, there are a lot of opportunities to use technology in growing sectors such as health and machine learning. In fact, Silicon Valley is home to some of the most notable healthcare startups.

Programmers find it exciting to create integrated software solutions to problems like finding the perfect doctor, creating support communities for diseases such as cancer, and even helping individuals to find affordable insurance. Such companies are very interesting for investors as there is great potential to profit. Read on for five of the top healthcare startups in San Francisco.

Top Healthcare Startups in San Francisco
Top Healthcare Startups in San Francisco

1. Collective Health

Collective Health is an innovative company that provides insurance solutions to the American public. Their software helps employers identify the best insurance services for each of their employees. Additionally, they have an app that easily explains healthcare and insurance terms to employees. The app also helps individuals to find a doctor, check on their insurance coverage, ask healthcare questions and more.

2. Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds is another healthcare startup that aims to make it easier for individuals to get the right healthcare. The company uses technology as well as inhouse experts to match patients with the right doctor based on the condition they are suffering from and the experience and location of the doctors. They also help patients understand the ins and outs of healthcare by defining hard to understand terminologies and processes.

3. Hinge Health

Hinge Health is a health startup that aims to reduce the chronic pain faced by patients with musculoskeletal issues. The company believes that 80% of such patients do not get proper care and treatment. They are correcting this by treating patients using a combination of physical therapy, behavioral change and technology. This means that patients’ dependence on opioids as well as surgery is reduced.

The way it works is that patients are given a tablet with the Hinge Health app as well as sensors that detect body movement. The app then guides users through exercises as the sensors test that the patient is doing the exercises correctly. Hinge Health has a great success rate and claims that its program reduces pain by up to 60%.

Top Healthcare Startups in San Francisco
Top Healthcare Startups in San Francisco


Ginger is one of the top tech startups and is a health technology app that provides on-demand care to mental health patients. The company collected billions of data from how people use their mobile phones to come up with a great solution that helps therapists, coaches and psychiatrists in their work with patients. The ginger app immediately matches employees with the right kind of mental healthcare that they need. This means that there is no wait time and no need to commute in order to get the right kind of mental care such as therapy or coaching.

5. Arterys

Arterys is the first online medical imaging facility in the world. It uses artificial intelligence to help doctors and other healthcare professionals to quickly and accurately upload medical images like CT scans on the company’s supercomputer. This fastens clinical workflows and helps patients get their results faster. Arterys’s technological solutions make it easier for doctors around the world to collaborate, analyse, share and consult on medical information which helps patients get the best treatment options.

Those are five of the best healthcare tech companies in Silicon Valley. If you want to read more about amazing tech companies in other states you may use these amazing Google tricks to search for them. Alternatively, you can also read the rest of our blog for more information on investing in startups.

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