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Top Tech Startups in Phoenix

Top Tech Startups in Phoenix

Phoenix, Arizona is one of the best places to launch a startup in 2020. Other than the great weather and growing population, it is also an affordable city with numerous tech companies that include several video game companies. If you run a small startup, you can easily find affordable coworking space to work from as you grow your company. Many companies based out of Phoenix are already making their names in the business hall of fame. Read on to discover examples of some of the best 2020 tech startups in Phoenix.

Top Tech Startups in Phoenix
Top Tech Startups in Phoenix

Nikola Motor Company

Nikola Motor is a company that manufactures and sells electric vehicles, electric vehicle parts, energy storage devices, and electric vehicle drivetrains. The company is known for having a very skilled and talented team led by the visionary Trevor Milton. Their different way of thinking and doing business has kept Nikola Motor Company amongst the leading tech startups ever since 2015 when it launched.


Integrate is a tech company that started in 2010. It is an enterprise management software that can manage and measure your business’s marketing channels. As the name suggests, Integrate brings together your people, processes, data, and technology to create a platform that can create measurable business outcomes. Its clientele includes Dell, Microsoft, Adobe and Salesforce.

Solera Health

Solera is a health company that matches patients with chronic conditions to the most suitable treatment or disease prevention program. It only works with patients that have health conditions covered by insurance.

Solera launched in 2015. Their vision has been to create behavior change in individuals so that they make healthier choices. This change in behavior enables its clients to avoid lifestyle diseases like obesity and diabetes. The company headquarters are in Phoenix but it provides services in all 50 states.

Top Tech Startups in Phoenix
Top Tech Startups in Phoenix


Fullbay is a software company that helps heavy-duty repair shops to manage their administrative activities in a shorter time. It started in 2012 with an aim to reduce the amount of time repair shops take to manage their activities. Fullbay provides solutions for invoicing, preventive maintenance scheduling, inventory management and tracking the efficiency of technicians and equipment.


Virtuous is a phoenix startup that launched in 2014 to help charities better connect with their donors. The company relies on the premise that donors prefer to give to charities that they are emotionally connected to. This could be because the charities are owned by friends, or they help the donor’s community. Virtuous has software that analyses a charity’s internal and external data to find the best ways for charities to build lasting relationships with their donors.

Phoenix Is A Great Place For Startups

There you have it: five examples of startups that are thriving in Phoenix. Our hope is that seeing the success of these five companies will convince you that you should think about moving your company to Phoenix. Phoenix is a great location for enterprise, whether you are looking to invest in an existing startup or want to start your own company.


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