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What’s It Like to Pitch Dave McClure?


The other day, the legendary Dave McClure came to Excelerate to impart his wisdom and advice to each startup. Entrepreneurs were nervous but prepared to meet the startup hero…knowing this meeting would be unlike any other. Many people have asked exactly what a meeting with the f bomb dropping startup guru would be like, so we decided to ask our teams how it went.

So what’s it really like to pitch Dave McClure?

“Our meeting with Dave, an investor of his caliber, wasn’t as intimidating as I thought it would be. He was a really down to Earth guy and seemed to be interested about how he can help, not just probing the flaws in our business.” -Wes Dearborn, Lasso

“I thought the biggest thing was that he has seen so many companies that he is able to provide feedback on a larger scale and that was quite valuable.” -Jose Li, 71lbs
“What’s cool about Dave is that it’s clear he’s interested in what he calls ‘unsexy’ spaces, basically underserved markets like crafts/hobby ” -Alicia DiRago, Whimseybox

“Dave was awesome. I was expecting him to swear more, though! But on a serious note, even after a short conversation, Dave extended an awesome introduction for us, which was a really pleasant surprise.” -Jeremy Smith, SpotHero

Finally, we asked the man himself what he considered to be the biggest flaw among current startup pitches. He mentioned that many startups start with their solution instead of establishing the problem. “Don’t get wrapped up in pitching your story until the problem is established.” And valuations? “They are too f****ing high.”

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