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White House Rallies Behind High-Growth Entrepreneurs


… hails private sector as “the engine of innovation”

25,000 new jobs will be created. There will be a tenfold increase in the success of new startups. All by 2015. Intrigued? Keep reading.

The Startup America campaign aims to “celebrate, inspire, and accelerate” high-growth entrepreneurship throughout the nation. To address the unique needs of high-growth entrepreneurs, the Startup America Partnership was formed, with heavy hitters like Steve Case (co-founder of AOL) and Carl Schramm (President/CEO, Kaufman Foundation) leading the charge. The partnership brings together all the major players in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, and big names like Facebook, Intel and IBM have displayed their commitment through multi-million dollar investments and entrepreneurial training programs.

During the campaign’s partnership announcement at the White House, the TechStars Network was unveiled. The mentorship-driven model that has made TechStars so successful serves as the foundation of the network, currently comprised of 17 independent regional organizations with startup accelerator programs, including our very own Excelerate Labs.
The TechStars Network will be a driving force in the creation of 25,000 new U.S. economy jobs by 2015. Committed to supporting 6,000 young promising entrepreneurs (and drawing more high-potential players off the sidelines and into the game), the network will match bright talent with seasoned business leaders, CEOs, successful founders and investors (5,000 of them). As part of the TechStars Network, entrepreneurs accepted into Excelerate’s Summer 2011 program will have access to invaluable resources, support, networking and professional development opportunities.

Thriving entrepreneurs supporting up-and-coming entrepreneurs; pooling resources to drive innovation; a commitment to recognize entrepreneurship as a core competitive advantage and driver of the U.S. economy. It sounds like the movers and shakers in Washington have finally realized what many of us know to be true– high-growth businesses (like those supported by Excelerate) are the job-creation engine of the future. Stay tuned to see how this all shakes out!

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