“Excelerate Labs is the full package. By participating, not only did we benefit immensely from Troy and Sam’s direct involvement, but we were able to get excellent & tactical guidance in areas where we most needed it, such as digital marketing and SEO. I would recommend to any entrepreneur that they take part in Excelerate Labs if they ever get the opportunity!”

Maida Swewnson-Fortune, Founder & CEO of Cureeo


“Excelerate Labs is the catalyst for building a great company. Both the content of the program and its intensity are boot camp for what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. And as if that wasn’t enough, they pair this training with access to an unbelievable network of mentors, advisors, venture capitalists, and fellow entrepreneurs. Without Excelerate, Food Genius would likely still be a passion project that we worked on in our spare time”

Justin Massa, Founder & CEO of Food Genius


For first-time entrepreneurs, it can be daunting to put yourself out there for everyone to see you succeed or fail. Excelerate Labs gave us the resources, network and coaching to make success seem a much more likely outcome. And they gave Buzz Referrals access to an awesome Chicago startup community that believes success through failure and iteration is a healthy process. We are in a much better place as a company now because of it.

Jordan Linville, Co-Founder and CEO of Buzz Referrals


Being the first physical product company to be accepted into Excelerate, we were uncertain how the program could bring value to our business. We met more relevant mentors and contacts in a month through Excelerate than we did in the entire year leading up to the program.

In addition to improving our business it played a critical role in developing us, individually, as entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship is a career path, not a lottery ticket, and Excelerate is THE program to help you build the necessary skills for a successful career. We’re honored to call Excelerate’s team and its portfolio companies our colleagues and friends.”

Anthony Cerra, Co-Founder, Joystickers


“Excelerate was a life changing experience, and I came out with a firm understanding of how to build, execute, and iterate on my business. It introduced a a whole set of questions that sharpened my critical thinking skills as an entrepreneur, and grounded this in practical and quantifiable ways. Excelerate’s mentorship network has moved and will continue to move my business forward, and I could not imagine being surrounded by a more passionate group of entrepreneurs, investors, and thought leaders in the technology community”

Jack Eisenberg, Founder & CEO Goshi


A video testimonial from CookItFor.Us


“Excelerate was great for us. I was kind of skeptical going in, but it really pushed us forward, helped us raise $1.5M in funding, helped us learn a bunch of stuff we didn’t already know and was a lot of fun. We are very fortunate to have been included in Excelerate and wouldn’t be where we are today without it.”

Sean Harper, Founder & CEO FeeFighters


“Our team moved to Chicago to attend Excelerate Labs during the summer and then decided to make it permanent, recently moving our families here after a phenomenal experience. This is an ecosystem of support from successful entrepreneurs and investors who genuinely care about making your businesses work and understand what it takes to do so…we are forever grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this. The program Troy and Sam have put together with the executive team at Excelerate Labs is truly incredible and, without a doubt, I would join Ethan Austin in donating to this alumni group over any school I’ve attended.”

Kevin Melgaard, Co-Founder IntroFly


“Power2Switch considered not applying for Excelerate. It would have been a huge mistake. The ‘Excelerate Summer’ gave us the confidence to experiment with different business models, get advice from/connect with over 70 mentors and execute on the different ideas at an unbelievable pace. Excelerate has moved Power2Switch in the right direction in leaps and bounds”

Seyi Fabode, CEO, Power2Switch Compare Electricity Prices


“Participating in the Excelerate Labs summer program was by far the single greatest decision we’ve ever made as a business. Because of the program our company now has the focus, advisors and funding we need to get to the next level. I’ve never really considered donating to my undergrad or grad school alumni foundations, but if Excelerate started an alumni fund, I would donate in a heartbeat.”

Ethan Austin, Co-Founder, GiveForward


“Tap Me entered the process with a keen eye on what value Excelerate Labs would add to our business and Excelerate delivered value in volume. I would go as far as saying that had we not participated in the program we would be in a completely different place from where we are today.”

Joshua Hernandez, Co-Founder, TapMe


“Excelerate Labs gave us knowledge, confidence and the support network we needed to raise money and take our business to the next level. We met with 54 mentors in the first 30 days and with the help of Sam, Troy and Brian, we synthesized all of the feedback and turned it into tangible improvements in our business. In today’s startup world, an incubator like Excelerate Labs gives you a major competitive advantage. Don’t miss this opportunity!”