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71lbs is a “set-and-forget” system that allows SMBs to easily collect refunds from FedEx and UPS shipments delivered late – even by 60 seconds. $2 Billion are left unclaimed every year, and our customers love their newfound money.

Cureeo™ helps you find artwork that is as unique as you. We help you learn your preferences and find that perfect original or limited edition artwork so you can take it home and be inspired every day!

Fibroblast closes the loop in healthcare by automating the patient referral process.  We help patients get the follow up care they need and doctors get the referral revenue they deserve.

frintit is the only service that lets you print and mail your photos for free. We use this service as a platform for brands to engage with customers socially, on a one-to-one basis via non-intrusive targeted advertising.

Lasso is a communication platform for coordinating plans with friends. It takes the broken planning process that Millennials are used to, and upgrades it to take advantage of what smartphones are capable of. Same behavior, new philosophy, less work.

Moxie Jean is the only online consignment sale that makes it quick and easy for busy moms to buy and sell high-quality, brand-name kids’ clothes any time of day or night…so they can spend Saturday morning playing with their kids.

Orbeus helps computers see like humans. We provide the first and only all-in-one solution for cloud-based image processing, including facial, scene, and object recognition, to make visual content searchable and interpretable like text.

Pictarine lets you view the latest photos of people you follow on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, and Tumblr. You will be the first to like, comment, and share your friends’ photos and always stay up to date with their lives.   Android App

SpotHero removes the hassle of getting a parking spot by allowing drivers to compare and reserve spots from their mobile phone and the web.  We help our parking partners fill their unused inventory by putting drivers in their spots.    SpotHero - SpotHero

Whimseybox combines content, community and commerce for the $30B craft and hobby industry. Our monthly subscription box and online DIY tips, techniques and full project tutorials provide everything you need to Stop Pinning + Start Making.