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July, 2012

Spotlight on Cureeo: Bringing Art to the Masses

Cureeo is an online marketplace for art buyers to discover original works by artists across the country. This week, we put the spotlight on Maida Swenson Fortune, founder and CEO. She explains the story behind Cureeo as well as why Excelerate is such a valuable experience for her team.

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What’s It Like to Pitch Dave McClure?

The other day, the legendary Dave McClure came to Excelerate to impart his wisdom and advice to each startup. Entrepreneurs were nervous but prepared to meet the startup hero…knowing this meeting would be unlike any other. Many people have asked exactly what a meeting with the f bomb dropping startup guru would be like, so we decided to ask our teams how it went.

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Spotlight on Whimseybox

This week, we talk to Alicia DiRago, founder and CEO of Whimseybox. See how she took a passion for DIY projects and turned it into a quickly growing business..and see how Excelerate will help her scale.

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Troy Henikoff’s Step-by-Step Approach to Financial Modeling

Excelerate programming in July is limited to what we like to call the “Entrepreneurs’ MBA.” During this time, we bring in experts in their respective fields to discuss all the topics that entrepreneurs need to know, but is knowledge they won’t get anywhere else.

To kick off this programming, our very own Troy Henikoff spoke to the teams on the process of creating a financial model. Troy’s motto of “what gets measured, gets done” is applicable to all aspects of a business, but is most apparent when applied to finances.
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Spotlight on Moxie Jean

Each week of the summer, we will be profiling a different Excelerate 2012 company. In this week’s spotlight, Sharon Schneider, CEO of Moxie Jean, gives viewers a behind the scenes look at how Moxie Jean operates and what they hope to achieve from Excelerate Labs. Stay tuned for the other 9 company spotlights coming soon!

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