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June, 2011

Two Excelerate Companies Invited to Participate in the Clinton Global Initiative

The Clinton Global Initiative has selected BabbaCo and Power2Switch to participate in their 2011 Annual Meeting June 29th and 30th in Chicago. The meeting, which focuses on creating jobs, brings together more than 700 high-profile participants, including former President Clinton, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh, and Professor Michael Porter of Harvard Business School.

These delegates will be helping five companies through working sessions at the conference, including the two Excelerate companies. BabbaCo is the “Netflix of parenting solutions” – a subscription model of monthly boxes delivered to parents to help them address their child’s need based on their development stage. Power2Switch’s website is a portal to help consumers and businesses save money on their electricity. The other three featured companies are Dallas-based RentSavvy, a housing-match service; Boulder-based TruantToday, a student-attendance service; and Cincinnati-based Wellthy, a social-health planner.

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New World Ventures offers $500,000 to Excelerate Companies

New World Ventures has been a strong supporter of Excelerate since its inception, but yesterday’s announcement that they are offering $500,000 in convertible debt to the companies ($50,000 for each of the ten companies) was amazing news.  TechCrunch reported the details in their article:





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Excelerate raises over $1.2 million for a 3 year fund

Yesterday we announced that we have raised over $1.2 million to fund the program for the next three years.  The overwhelming support from the Chicago community is a statement of how important Excelerate has become to the Tech scene here.  For more details, here is the article from Crain’s:



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