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May, 2010

We’re (finally) announcing our companies!

The companies (alphabetically):
- Edulender
- FanGo
- GiveForward
- MathZee
- Noblivity
- PVPower
- ScholarPro
- Tap Me
- TransFS
- WeGather

We had a great kickoff mentor reception on Wednesday night, and we’re busy preparing the office for the day one: 6/1. Our new offices will be at 57 W. Grand, Suite 200, Chicago, IL, 60654, and we’re definitely going to have some events where we invite in the public, so stay tuned. We’ll post photos soon!

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Our first class of teams has been chosen!

Please accept our apologies for the delay in our decision making process. As you may have heard, we were blown away by the quantity and quality of applications we received: 306 teams applied from 17 countries across five continents and 19 different states across the US!

Unfortunately, we could not accept every company we wanted to and we are confident that many of the companies we did not select will go on to be tremendously successful.

We look forward to a great summer program, and we hope you will continue to support our efforts as we move forward. We’re always eager to hear about progress that applicants make as they move forward, and we encourage those who didn’t make it this year to apply next year and prove us wrong!

Our 11 companies have been chosen, and we will announce them very soon!


The Excelerate Team
Sam, Nick, Kapil, Kelli, Troy, & Brian

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